Every Day is Special @ Jack's
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M: In-Burgered Monday
Free Side with any Burger

T: Ribbed for your Pleasure on Tuesday
Our Magical Spareribs + Side + Sauce + Beer  only €21

W: Risk it for a Brisket on Wednesday
Whiskey Barrel Smoked BBQ Brisket + Side + Sauce + Cocktail  only €22

T: Snack Attack Thursday
Fully Loaded Nachos + Cajun Potato Wedges + Chicken Wings  only €21

F: Tequila Friday
5 Shots of 100% Agave Tequila for the Price of 4

S: Rebel Bourbon Saturday
5 Shots of Kentucky Straight Rebel Bourbon for the Price of 4

S: Sunday Hangover Buster
Slow Stewed BBQ Pork 'n Beans + Side + Sauce + Cocktail  only €21