(v: vegan  /  gf: gluten free)

American BBQ Classics

+ Free Side + Free Sauce

Beef Brisket   16.50

Whiskey Barrel Smoked BBQ (w/ bun)

Pulled Pork   15.50

Oak Smoked BBQ (w/ bun)

Jack's Spareribs (gf)   19.50

Glazed w/ BBQ Magic -

Bite-off-the-Bone Style

Pork 'n Beans (gf)   15.50

Slow Stewed Cowboy BBQ Favourite

Jack's Staples

 + Free Side + Free Sauce

Beef Short-Rib (gf)   16.50

Bourbon Braised and Boneless

Rotisserie Chicken (gf)   15.50

Slow Roasted and Juicy in Jack's Cajun Mix

Tofu Schnitzel (v)   15.00

Cold Smoked - Silky Inside with a Crisp Exterior

Roasted Cauliflower (v, gf)   15.00

Topped with Tahini and Dukkah

Plus Free Side

Mac 'n Cheese

With Golden Crumbs

Potato Wedges (v, gf) 

With Cajun Spice

Pearl Couscous (v)

With Pumpkin and Cherry Tomato

Plus Free Sauce

Classic BBQ (gf)

🌶️ Fiery BBQ (gf)

Teryaki BBQ (gf)

Salsa Verde (v, gf)

🌶️ Fiery Zhoug (v, gf)

Chipotle Mayo (v, gf)

3 Napkin Burgers

in a brioche bun with 'slaw 'n greens

Chef Guillem's BBQ Burger  13.00

Whiskey Barrel BBQ Beef Brisket  14.00

Pulled Oak Smoked BBQ Pork  13.00

Cold Smoked Tofu Schnitzel 13.00

Sloppy Jack (w/ pickles - no 'slaw and greens) 13.00

Extra Sides

Mac 'n Cheese   €4.50With Golden Crumbs

Potato Wedges   €4.50

With Cajun Spice (v, gf)

Pearl Couscous   €5.00

With Pumpkin and Cherry Tomato

Baby Salad Greens   €4.50

With Sultanas and Dukkah (v, gf) 

Corn on the Cob   5.00

With Za'atar and Cajun Spice (v, gf)

Chef's Coleslaw   €4.00

With Vegan Mayo (v, gf)

Char Roasted Broccoli   €4.50

With Salsa Verde (v, gf)

Brioche Bun  €2.50

Extra Sauces

Classic BBQ (gf)   2

Fiery BBQ (gf)   2

Teryaki BBQ (gf)   2

Salsa Verde (v, gf)   2

Fiery Zhoug (v, gf)   2

Chipotle Mayo (v, gf)   2

Desserts   €5.50

Lemon Meringue Pudding

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding


Dark 'n Stormy

Spiced Dark Rum, Lime & Ginger


Rebel's Passion

Rebel Bourbon, Honey, Passion Fruit & Lemon

Gin 'n Juice

6 O'clock London Dry Gin, Ruby Grapefruit, Lime & Bitters

Pineapple Rebellion

Chipotle Infused Rebel Bourbon, Grilled Pineapple & Lime


Fiery Margarita

Chipotle Infused Tequila, Agave Syrup, Lime & Regan's Bitters




Heineken 0.0%

Various Specialty Beers


White – Chardonnay, Sauvignon

Red – Cabernet, Shiraz

Rose – Pinot Blush