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Jack's BBQ Shack is the brainchild of Executive Chef Guillem Francis. With an undying love for big flavours, Chef Guillem spent his early teens working at a family friend's African-Caribbean restaurant – cooking over open fires.


Shrugging off those early years in favour of classical training, Chef Guillem's skills and talent steered him towards fine dining, where he sharpened his craft. Working at various exclusive fine dining restaurants, Chef Guillem found his home in Amsterdam and, most recently, worked as a sous chef at the 5-star Pulitzer Hotel.


But like the call of a siren, his first love of simple cooking and big flavours beckoned him.


So who is Jack, and where does he come from? Jack is our alter-ego, the hidden cowboy in all of us. Fun-loving and energetic. Jack's BBQ Shack is Chef Guillem's gift to Amsterdam, the gift of big flavours and smokey goodness. The Shack is unpretentious and straightforward. The food is inexpensive and simply - delicious.



The brisket is imported from Uruguay in vacuum-sealed pouches. Once it arrives at the Shack, the brisket is spice brined for a minimum of five days, which is why this firm favourite is not always available. The brisket simply needs the time to ensure that it stays tender and full of complex flavour pockets. Once it's taken out of the marinade, the brisket is massaged with Chef Guillem's unique mix of Cajun spices and then coddled with a blend of wood embers – but mostly whiskey barrel wood chips. This process takes about 20 hours over low heat; it imbues the brisket with that big smokey flavour and allows the Cajun spice to settle.

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Simply put, the spareribs are a mixture of magic and love. When any of the staff have a few days off, this is the first thing that they miss!! The spareribs are brined overnight with herbs and spices, then submerged in Chef Guillem's special stock. The ribs are then braised, BBQ glazed, lightly smoked, then double glazed just before serving. All of this is done with a ton of love and affection – otherwise, there's no way they would be this good!!



The pork shoulder follows a similar process to the brisket, but the timing and the spices are different. Like the brisket, the pork shoulder has pockets of fat and pockets of lean meat. The trick to getting the juicy goodness is the slow cooking process – in this case, with oak embers. Chef Guillem also uses a mix of Asian spices, which he works into the pork shoulder – these spices combine with the oak and the natural flavours of the pork shoulder to create an extraordinary effect.


Chef Guillem's BBQ flavours combine exceptionally well with a beer, but even better with Jack's signature cocktails. For example, for the Pineapple Rebellion, the base is wheated Kentucky Straight Rebel Bourbon, infused at the Shack with smoked red jalapeño chipotle flakes. This is what gives the cocktail its slow burn. Pineapple pulp and lime are then added to provide the Pineapple Rebellion with its other-worldly flavour. The whole thing is then topped off with soda and a few ice cubes. Move over food and wine pairing - Chef Guillem just loves how these cocktails complement his BBQ flavours!


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Whether you're tuning into the Premier League, Champions League or NFL Redzone, Jack's BBQ Shack has you covered. Join us for a Sunday Roast or an American whisky tasting and check out all our other events.

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